BGVA Update – 31st Oct, 2020

Dear executive members, advisor Saheb haru and all members, Very good morning, and hope everyone is safe and sound. I thought I would give you a quick update on what we have been doing and what our upcoming plans are. Here we have in brief:
    1. The BGVA Office will remain in the same building and it is planned to sign the new contractual document in December 2020 or early January 2021. It will be signed with the new owner of the Gurkha Corner
    2. Money in full has been paid towards the 12 memorial benches. Those benches were due to arrive in summer, but it has been now postponed due to this unprecedented situation but hoping to arrive here and install all of them before the next anniversary in 2021.
    3. There has been some speculation about relocating the monument in new place and it was also published on Nuneaton news some days ago. The news was published without our prior knowledge. We have spoken to the respective departments for the clarification. We assure you that it is not going to move for at least few years but if it does move it will be relocated to a place where we agree
    4. This year there is no formal 11/11 (Poppy parade) programme in Nuneaton, however there will be some small elements go and give their respect at their respective monument. BGVA executive members are also doing it in a small scale on the 8 November 2020. If any members wish to join, they may do so but in a small group of no more than 6 people.
    5. Some executive members are also attending a parade at Gurkha Chautara in National Arboretum on the 7 November 2020. We have been given only few spaces; therefore, these are the few members those will likely attend:
        • Mr John Dharma Rai and Mr Mani Rai – Standard bearer
        • Mr Hari Ghale – Parade Master of the day.
        • Mr Dick Stamp – Bigler
        • Mr Om Gurung – President
        • Mr Dilsing Limbu – Sen Vice President
        • Mr John Laverick – Liaison Officer
    6. We have decided to sell raffle tickets in order to raise some money to cover the office rent. Executive members please come and collect some and sell to close friends and families. The draw is on boxing day on 26 December 2020 at our office.
Capt Bhim Saru
Gen Secretary
Mr. President