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Nuneaton is a home for more than 2000 Nepalese (Gurkhas soldiers, their families and some other Nepalese) for the last 20 years. Currently more and more Nepalese have migrated to settle in Nuneaton from elsewhere every year.  The majority of Nepalese in Nuneaton has served as the British Gurkha Soldiers and they are now seen as having one of the great communities in the borough and have integrated well with all other communities.

In 2009, some of the Gurkha members felt a need for the Ex Gurkha Soldiers Association and formed their association as “British Gurkha Veterans Association (BGVA)” with the simple aim to provide the welfare support to the Gurkha members and their families.

In 2015, the BGVA was able to build a monument to mark the 200 years of loyal service to the crown and country at the entry point of Riversley Park. The BGVA with help from the Borough conduct a parade every year and it is one of the key programmes in the BGVA’s and Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough’s calendar. In November 2018, the BGVA installed the lights at the monument and have given the project name as phase 2 of the whole project. Now, the BGVA is going through the final monument development planning phases which are No phase 3 and phase 4.